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Hydrogen Endurance Racing

Promoting a sustainable future by building the world’s most efficient hydrogen powered car.


Hydrogen is a molecule (H2) that can be used as an energy carrier. For this reason it is the potential replacement for fossil fuels in the automotive industry. However in the past ten years battery cars claimed the stage leaving hydrogen only as a potential replacement. Still, hydrogen’s potential to play an important role in the energy transition is huge and not only in the automotive industry. The Eco-Runner Team Delft believes hydrogen is going to play this role.

Our Challenge

Since 2005 the Eco-Runner Team Delft builds extremely efficient vehicles. In 2006 the car became powered by hydrogen and this made our story complete. Every year the Eco-Runner Team builds a car that stands for the ultimate form of sustainable mobility. Driving incredibly large distances on a small amount of green fuel. This has led to our vision: “Promoting a sustainable future by building the world’s most efficient hydrogen powered car.”


Our Team

The Eco-Runner Team Delft consists of 25 students of the university of technology Delft. To build the world’s most efficient hydrogen powered car we are a multidisciplinary team with students from all faculties of the university. Every year a new series of full and part timers join our team to keep increasing the efficieny of the Eco-Runner. This year the team is working on the Eco-Runner 9 and of course we are aiming for the title of the Shell Eco-marathon 2019.

Meet Our Team

Meet this year's team members of the Eco-Runner Team Delft who are working on the 9th generation Ecorunner.
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Blog & Media

Take a look at our latest technical developments, photos and videos.
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