Eco-Runner Team Delft

Together, we take action and contribute to a brighter future

Eco-Runner Team Delft is a multidisciplinary student team from the Delft University of Technology. The team, consisting of 24 students, dedicates itself for an entire year to design, build, test and race the world’s most efficient, hydrogen-powered city car. Our ultimate goal is to inspire and activate the public to play a more significant part in the energy transition and we promote hydrogen along the way. Our message is twofold;

We plead for making the transport sector more efficient. Mobility produces 25% of the total global greenhouse gas emissions. This number can only go down if we start using less fuel, for example by making our transport smaller and lighter.

We also think that hydrogen will play a key-role in the future. Multiple alternative fuels are needed to get rid of fossil fuels and Eco-Runner Team Delft believes that hydrogen is the missing piece of this complicated puzzle.

Eco-Runner Team Delft is a D:DREAM team, meaning it is a non-profit organization focused on innovation and technology. The team consists of new students every year, offering the development that this engineering project has to offer to as many students as possible. 

We create our cars to prove our message. The car is a physical representation of how efficient mobility can be and how safe, cheap and efficient it is to use hydrogen as fuel. The proof? A trip around the world for just 80 euros. 

At the end of the year, the theoretical efficiency tested during the Eco-Marathon is put into practice. This is done by attempting to break the World Record for the longest distance driven on one hydrogen tank, without refueling. If you want to learn more about the World Record Attempt and the Eco-Marathon, click here.

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