The theme for Eco-Runner Team Delft 2023/2024 is: Accelerate the Future.


This year, we will move from concept to reality, by building the world’s most efficient hydrogen-powered car on the public road. This is how we accelerate the future.


We organise several events each year. During these events, we show you what we have achieved, how we see the use and implementation of hydrogen in our society, and how the Eco XIV could change the future of mobility.

The event that will take place in the upcoming month is the World Record Attempt, which will start on the 17th of June in Friesland. This time, our World Record Attempt will take place on the public road on the route of the legendary Dutch ice skating marathon: the ‘Elfstedentocht’.

Our previous events are displayed below.


We look back at an amazing evening. A big thank you goes out to everyone that was present, and for all the positive reactions afterwards!


Eco-Runner Team Delft 2023/20234 presented the design of the Eco XIV on February 28th in the Aula of the TU Delft. On the left, the design video is shown of the Eco-Runner XIV. This will be the most efficient hydrogen-powered vehicle in the world that is allowed to drive on the public roads. 

During the Design Presentation, we announced our plans for this year, with our main goal: setting the world record for driving the longest distance ever on hydrogen without refueling. But this time, we aim to do it on the public roads with a vehicle that is street-legal.

We showed all the technical aspects of the design and the potential of hydrogen for a more sustainable and efficient transport sector. Curious? On the right, the live video of the presentation is shown.

Are you interested in how we actually make the Eco-Runner XIV? See this video on the left, which joins our Bodyworks Department during the production of the shell (exterior) of the Eco-Runner XIV.



In this video we show you the implementation of the Eco XIII in your own morning routine.

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