Waterstofpodcast alert! Listen to a brand new episode of our podcast, it's now online! Already the fourth episode of this season, time flies. This time Isabel en Toine spoke to a real hydrogen expert: Jaco Reijerkerk, Commercial Director of Ekinetix. Speaking to Jaco lead to some valuable insights on the practices of hydrogen and how the value chain for hydrogen is now changing since it is taking on a new role in the energy transition. It was very interesting to learn about different practices from someone who’s been in the hydrogen business for such a long time and hear his thoughts for hydrogen in the future.Interested to learn more about this new life of the hydrogen molecule and hear the full conversation? Check out the full episode on Spotify or Apple Music and share your thoughts, we are curious to know how you feel about the subject!#ecorunner #ecorunnerteamdelft #hydrogen #waterstof #waterstofpodcast #podcast #shell #shellhydrogen

99% SOLD OUT! The Car Reveal of The Eco-Runner XII, live at Move Amsterdam! Get your free tickets now through the link in our bio while there are still some tickets left!Only 1 week left! On 16 May at 19:30 we will proudly present the Eco-Runner XII. We look forward to an inspiring afternoon and we will hopefully see you there.In case you can't be there you will be able to follow the whole event live on our website through a liveblog and a livestream! Tune in on 16 May in the afternoon, be among the first to see the car for the first time and experience the event for yourself remotely! Follow our social media channels to receive more updates on the Car Reveal#Ecorunner #Ecorunnerteamdelft #car #reveal #carreveal #hydrogen #waterstof #mobility #experience #move #moveamsterdam #staytuned

We cannot wait! In 10 days we will reveal our new car. Before we do so, we would like to take a moment to look back at our legacy and take you back to the history of Eco-Runner.This third and last throwback looks back at the years 2019 till now. The Eco 9 was the last Eco-Runner to participate in the prototype class. With a third place in the Shell Eco-marathon and winning the Vehicle Design Award it was a good way to end this era. With the Eco X we entered a new class: the Urban Concept class. Unfortunately, COVID struck at the same time. Although the Eco X still won the Vehicle Design Award, we have not been able to participate in the on-track awards of the Shell Eco-marathon since we joined the Urban Concept class. We did however organise our own competitions with teams from the Netherlands and won both! The Eco-Runner XI even set a world record by driving 1195.74 kilometres on just 350 grams of hydrogen!The Eco-Runner XII will be its successor and looks amazing! What is your guess? 🤩#ecorunnerteamdelft #ecorunner #hydrogen #efficiency #students #history #timeline #legacy #shellecomarathon #prototype #car #mobility #sustainability #alumni #team #reveal #throwback

In little over a week we will reveal our new car to the public! Before we do so, we would like to take a moment to look back at our legacy and take you back to the history of Eco-Runner.In this second throwback we look back at the years 2015 to 2018. Back then we still participated in the prototype class, but the cars ran on hydrogen already! The Eco-Runner 5 was the first vehicle in the history of Eco-Runner Team Delft to achieve the first place in the @shell_ecomarathon. In addition it was also the most aerodynamic vehicle in 2015! The cars that followed build on these results.What car do you think has the best colourway? 🤔#ecorunnerteamdelft #ecorunner #hydrogen #efficiency #students #history #timeline #legacy #shellecomarathon #prototype #car #mobility #sustainability #alumni #team #reveal #throwback

Very soon we will reveal our new car to the public, for which we are thrilled! Before we do so, we would like to take a moment to look back at our legacy and take you back to the history of Eco-Runner.Currently we are the world’s most efficient hydrogen powered city car. But we wouldn't be where we are right now without the knowledge and achievements of all the previous teams, their experience has been proven to be of great value.Eco-Runner Team Delft was established 17 years ago in 2005 by building the Eco 1. Back then we participated in the prototype ICE class, and it took the team less than a year to design, build and race the first Eco-Runner car ever. Back then our car looked completely different to the car we build this year, the driver was laying down and we only used three tires! Over the next years the teams built three other vehicles, the Eco H2, Eco 3 and Eco 4, each improving the previous results and the Eco 3 and Eco 4 both got second place at the Shell Eco-marathon!Which car is your favourite? 🤔#ecorunnerteamdelft #ecorunner #hydrogen #efficiency #students #history #timeline #legacy #shellecomarathon #car #mobility #sustainability #alumni #team #reveal #throwback