The ecoXi, the car that took a world record from toyota and won the hydrogen efficiency challenge

Positionering Sponsorlogo's Eco-Runner XI

The EcoXI was designed, produced, tested and raced in 2020/2021, during the pandemic. Eco-Runner Team Delft overcame the challenge of COVID-19 and created this highly efficient car that accomplished 2 great things; winning our competition and setting an endurance world-record!

This high efficiency is a result of multiple innovations that were implemented on the car. As a result of high-tech engineering, the car weighs only 95 kilograms. Due to the near-perfect aerodynamic shape the car has less drag than a Tour de France cyclist which enables us to increase our efficiency even further. The body and structures of the car only weighs 35 kilograms and we can make the car drive on the same electrical energy as 2 light bulbs.


These specifications ensured Eco-Runner to win our competition; the Hydrogen Efficiency Challenge. During this challenge we raced against 2 other strong Dutch teams to determine who had the most efficient car. Eco-Runner Team Delft won this challenge by a landslide, with an efficiency of 3396 kilometers/kilogram Hydrogen! That is from Delft to Minsk and back, on just 10 euros worth of fuel!

After winning the race we felt like there was even more potential in the EcoXI. We decided to attempt a world-record; driving the longest on 1 tank of hydrogen. This record was in the hands of Toyota, driving a total of 1100 kilometers on a tank of 5 kilograms of Hydrogen. We broke that record by driving 1195.74 kilometers on just 350 grams of Hydrogen!

Positionering Sponsorlogo's Eco-Runner XI (1)

eco xi - Design reveal

eco xi - car reveal

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