We created the world's most efficient, hydrogen powered city car! But this time, For the public roads

When designing and building the Eco XIV, our primary focus was finding the balance between staying efficient, while also complying with the regulations of the RDW.  Driving on the public roads mean we face challenges at intersections, where we will have to yield to other traffic. This will affect our efficiency. The Eco XIV also needs to be reliable enough to reach our end goal of this year – to set the world record for the longest distance driven by a hydrogen-powered city car on a single tank of fuel on the public roads! 

There is another challenge which does not lie with the car, but rather with the driver. The driver can’t just mindlessly drive around anymore, as they must partake in traffic. That is why the car this year must not only be certified for the streets, but must also give the driver a certain sense of security, ensuring the driver’s comfort throughout the journey. 


For the car wrap this year, we added elements of Delft and Friesland. You can see the skyline of Delft consisting of the Nieuwe and Oude Kerk. You can also see the campus, with the faculty of EWI and the Dream Hall being visible. We did this to put our beloved city in the spotlight.

We also added elements of Friesland, using ice skaters to refer to the Elfstedentocht. We did this as our World Record Attempt this year will take place on the route of the Elfstedentocht in Friesland. Our ultimate goal is to drive the Elfstedentocht 10 times, surpassing a distance of 2056km driven on the public road without refuelling. All of this with our road-legal, hydrogen-powered Eco XIV.

eco xiV - Design reveal

eco xiV - car reveal

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