The theme for the Eco-Runner Team Delft 2022/2023 is: Drive the Transition. 

The world is facing a lot of challenges right now. Therefore, the essential next step is that we start working together. Together we Drive the Transition!

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The Eco-Runner Team Delft 2021/2022 theme is: #FaceTheFuture. This hashtag clarifies the purpose of our team to inspire and motivate people and businesses that we have to take responsibility and act now for a greener tomorrow.

We strongly believe it is time to take responsibility. Time to act now for a greener future. Time to #FaceTheFuture. This concerns all of us, we are all challenged and we should all contribute to a more sustainable future. We can no longer ignore reality. As Eco-Runner Team Delft, we are going to #FaceTheFuture and throughout the year we hope to get everyone on board and to join our mission. 

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