Eco-Runner X

Making of the eco-runner x

This year the Eco-Runner will take on the challenge of competing in the Shell Eco-marathon Urban Concept class. In this class, certain requirements are set which steer the vehicles in the direction of modern city cars. In contrast to the Prototype class, in which the goal was to be as efficient as possible without any sort of restriction, the Urban Concept class will assure that the teams design and build an energy-efficient vehicle that has familiar road car features. The most important requirements in the Urban Concept class are listed hereunder in order to give a feeling of how the car will look like.

  • The vehicle should have four wheels.
  • The outside of the vehicle should have windscreen wipers, front- and backlights and a tow bar.
  • The inside of the vehicle should contain a luggage compartment and should include FIA-approved seat belts.
  • The driver should sit straight up and should have a 180 degrees view on the road.

The race itself in the Urban Concept class competition is also different from the Prototype class. The race focuses on “stop and go driving” to imitate the behavior of city cars. After each round, the vehicles have to come to a complete stop after which they have to accelerate to obtain their most efficient velocity again. At the end, the goal is still to be as energy-efficient as possible in order to win the race.

We took all these requirements and rules into consideration and are currently developing the most energy-efficient city car in the world. 

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