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In August 2019 the new Eco-Runner Team Delft, consisting of 18 students from the Delft University of Technology, has started working on the Eco-Runner X. By building a hydrogen powered vehicle we aim to contribute to a sustainable future. For years the Eco-Runner participated in the Shell Eco-marathon Prototype class competition where the goal is to cover a certain distance with the least amount of hydrogen. This year, the team has decided to compete in a more challenging competition; the Urban Concept class. This challenge offers us the opportunity to design and build an efficient hydrogen powered vehicle that is closer in appearance to modern city cars: a step closer to a future with sustainable mobility.

Our Vision

Next to the challenge of building an efficient hydrogen powered city car we, from the Eco-Runner Team Delft, also aim to speed up the energy transition. We put a lot of effort in spreading information regarding green hydrogen by giving presentations and going to events. By participating in the Shell Eco-marathon competition with a sustainable vehicle we aim to fulfill our vision: “Promoting a sustainable future by building the world’s most efficient hydrogen powered city car.”

Urban Concept Class

This year the Eco-Runner will take on the challenge of competing in the Shell Eco-marathon Urban Concept class. This challenge offers us the opportunity to design and build an energy efficient vehicle that is closer in appearance to modern city cars. The Urban Concept class competition focuses on “stop and go” driving. The vehicle with the lowest hydrogen consumption wins the race. 

Eco-Runner 9

Information regarding the previous Eco-Runner project

Eco-Runner 9: 360° View

> Propulsion: Hydrogen

> Fuel consumption: 10.000 km/kg

> Weight: 42 kg

> Body material: Carbon Fiber

> Hydrogen amount: 25 grams

> Pressure: 200 bar

> Amount of sensors: 20


Kilometers on 25 grams H2

Km/h top speed


Every year it is a great challenge to design and build a car that is as light as possible to secure the title of the Shell Eco-Marathon. Using finite element methods, choosing the right materials and making no mistakes in our production processes is crucial for the weight of the car.

In Wheel Motor

To make increases in our efficiency for the Eco-Runner, we decided to change our motor with chain transmission to a direct transmission by using an in-wheel motor.

Autonomous Driving

The neural network that was made last year by our strategy department, to optimize our race strategy is going to be improved and used even better this year. The ultimate goal is to create a smart cruise control in which our race strategy software drives our engine.


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