Creating the missing link

My name is Max Suurland and this year I am the chief powertrain of the Eco-Runner Team 9. I am a second year Nanobiology student, but have been interested in electronics for a long time and therefore the function of chief powertrain fits perfectly. I am responsible...

Wrapping up the lamination process

Hi, I am Katja Kramers, technical manager at the Eco-Runner Team Delft and also very involved in the laminating process. This year, after some doubts, we decided to produce the body in the Dreamhall for the second year in a row. Without any previous experience, I am...

The ever challenging fight between strength and weight

Hey guys, Sasha here! When I began working at the Eco-Runner Team, I (as mathematician and physicist) never imagined that some day I would be doing structural analysis. Yet here I am, as Chief Structures, doing the work classically associated with Mechanical and...

How To Build Your Own Dynamometer

Dear reader, my name is Joshan Mangroo and I am the motor(control) engineer of Eco-Runner Team Delft. Besides designing the custom motor specifications and motorcontroller hardware/software. I also designed and built the testing setup for the Eco-Runner. A key...

Using Computer Science within Eco-Runner: GUIs and more!

Hello everyone. I am Kaan, currently working at the strategy department for the Eco-Runner 9. In this blog post, I would like to talk to you about responsibilities at the Eco-Runner -which includes engineering GUI, driver and the groundbase dashboard- , my studies at...

In the making: autonomous driving

Testing autonomous driving capabilities with our big Eco-Runner car is not easy, and we don’t want to risk damaging the body. I am Noah Jadoenathmisier, Chief Autonomous of Eco-Runner Team Delft and a second-year Computer Science student. Currently, I am working on...


An Eco-Runner on your event?

The Eco-Runner Team Delft will gladly visit you with an Eco-Runner to show our most fuel efficient vehicle and to share our vision on sustainable mobility and energy transition.

For more information, contact Ruben Hortensius:


Tel: +31648223359

3-7 Apr | International Amsterdam Motor Show

The IAMS expands in 2019 and takes place in the characteristic Europahal with adjoining halls 2(where we are located) and 3 but also with Hall 7 (Amstelhal) and the Europafoyer.
The opening hours of the International Amsterdam Motor Show 2019 are:
Wednesday, April 3: Preview Night: 19 pm to 00 pm
Thursday 4 April & Friday 5 April: 12 am to 8 pm
Saturday 6 April & Sunday 7 April: 10 am to 5 pm

13-14 Apr | ANWB testing days

During this event visitors can try all kind of electric and hydrogen powered cars.

16 Apr | Topsector Logistiek Congres 2019

This congres revolve around the logistic sector and the innovation in this sector. The congres takes place in the beautiful Feyenoord stadion de Kuip. 

18-20 Apr | Overdie event

We are very pleased to have Overdie as one of our platinum sponsors. These three days, Overdie organises meetings for entrepreneurs. Eco-Runner Team Delft will showcase their project to all of the guests.



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