April has been a really exciting month for us, read this month’s newsletter to find out! Here we will elaborate on our technical and non-technical progressions, our past events and our upcoming competition… In addition, we will inform you about our partnerships, followed by a brief introduction of the new episode of our podcast series. Closing off with an interesting news article regarding hydrogen.


This month, all the engineers have mostly been preparing for the Car Reveal and have been busy preparing and executing the test days with the Eco-Runner XI. For example, our Fuel Cell engineers have been at TNO a lot where they were able to test extensively with the fuel cell. Furthermore, the Strategy & Electronics department has worked hard preparing the car and, in addition to a working cruise control, managed to add wind to their simulation. All in all, an impressive and successful preparation for the Car Reveal and more …

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To conclude the month spectacularly, on the 29th of April was the big reveal of the newly built hydrogen-powered citycar: the Eco-Runner XI. Starting off, the car was unveiled through a beautiful, informative video, followed by an interactive discussion with various engineers. With more than 600 viewers, we can say that it was a success. Were you unable to watch? Don’t worry! The car reveal video is still available on Youtube.


April has been a busy month where our Scalabilty manager Sieb Rodenburg contributed to many different events. First of all, together with the Fuel Cell engineers Mats and David, a hydrogen course was organised with DOB Academy for a closed group. Next, Sieb gave a hydrogen crashcourse about hydrogen at the start of the Hydrogen event at Louwman Museum, followed by the Innovation expo, where he interviewed Ad van Wijk. Through these events we keep promoting hydrogen as crucial spill in the energy transition!

With great excitement we can announce that despite that the big annual on-track competition of the Shell Eco-marathon has been canceled, we still have something to look forward to and to work towards… In collaboration with two other Dutch hydrogen teams, HAN Hydromotive and Green Team Twente, we organize our own competition: The Hydrogen Efficiency Challenge. This competition will take place on June 11 at a race circuit in the Netherlands and can be followed via a dynamic livestream. Are you curious about who will win and become the most efficient hydrogen city car? Stay tuned!


We thank Plastica Thermoforming and Solico for continuing our great collaboration.


Where should we start using the currently scarce hydrogen on a large scale? Where is the step to hydrogen still very expensive or where are we still waiting for innovation? What is the best hydrogen route to 2050?

Thanks to his famous hydrogen ladder and sharp pen, Thijs ten Brink is known to some as a notorious hydrogen critic. However, he prefers to call himself a realistic hydrogen enthusiast.

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