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In this newsletter, we will look back at the achievements and activities of last year and update you on our current vision for the coming year and our new workplace. As every month, we include the latest news on hydrogen in our monthly newsletter.

Eco-Runner X – Our First Hydrogen City Car

Last year was a challenging year for Eco-Runner Team Delft, since it was the first year to participate in the more challenging class of the Shell Eco-marathon: The Urban Concept-class. In addition to this new challenge, in the beginning of March 2020 COVID-19 came into the picture, causing new complications. However, because immediate action was taken and due to the positive and hard-working approach of the team, it has been made sure the maximum potential was reached this year and that we can look back positively. Here is a short overview of all the achievements that have been made last year.

These achievements could however not have been realised without the pleasant collaboration between Eco-Runner and our partners. Therefore we would like to give a special thanks to all our partners listed on the bottom of this page! 

Eco-Runner XI – Kick Off!

This year the new Eco-Runner XI team consists of 23 students from Delft University of Technology. Knowing that the Vehicle Design Award has already been won in its first year, the team is aiming for first place in the SEM Urban Concept class competition this year. That means we will design, build and race an improved vehicle this year: the Eco-Runner XI. This car will drive even more efficiently than the Eco-Runner X due to, among other things, a new fuel cell and a lighter design. Because of COVID-19, our team will continue on our own off the campus of the university this year. Nevertheless, we are positive and motivated and everyone is already working hard in order to have a successful year and to achieve our mission: “Promoting a sustainable future by building the world’s most efficient hydrogen powered city car”.

A New Office At Buccaneer Delft

In order to get the year off to a good start, our management team went looking for a new location, which is large enough to be able to maintain sufficient distance during work. We are very happy to say we found it! At the beginning of August the team got the chance to settle in the Buccaneer Delft. This is a vibrant, inspirational venue where young technical companies work on promising technologies that contribute to the energy transition. We are grateful for their support and for giving us the opportunity to start working here on the new Eco-Runner XI, in a safe and responsible manner.

Coming Up…

As the Eco-Runner Team XI had already started with much enthusiasm, a lot of brainstorming has been done to come up with new, yet safe possibilities for the coming year. In addition, a number of events are already planned, in which Eco-Runner Team Delft will participate. Here is a list of the events:
            September 23       SEFI
           October 8              Smart Urban Festival
           November 12        Infra Experience

In case you would like to know more about our availability at an event, please contact i.vantuyll@ecorunner.nl.

Hydrogen News

Holthausen and Resato are building hydrogen stations in Amsterdam and Groningen

Picture: opwegmetwaterstof.nl

The two companies situated in the northern parts of the Netherlands, Holthausen and Resato International, have joined forces for the realization of two new hydrogen filling stations. These are large, public filling stations in Groningen and Amsterdam, which are expected to be operational by mid-2021 and the end of 2021.

Holthausen is the first company to start running on hydrogen. As a forerunner, the company wants to show that emission-free driving is the future. Through cooperating, the construction of the two hydrogen filling stations can be realized, which will help to take the Netherlands a step further in the field of hydrogen. Read more about filling stations in the Netherlands. 
Source: opwegmetwaterstof.nl

Hydrogen Pipeline Network Could Transform European Energy, Operators Say

A group of eleven European gas infrastructure companies have come out with a plan for how to transport hydrogen gas across Europe. Since hydrogen can be produced as a byproduct of renewable energy generation (so-called “green hydrogen”), it holds great promise as a zero-or-low-carbon fuel. Therefore the European Commission has released a EU Hydrogen Strategy.After the publication of this strategy a collaboration between gas transmission operators from across Europe was set up. Last week they presented a vision paper for how to create a “European hydrogen backbone” that could deliver this gas across the continent.

Picture: European Hydrogen Backbone Initiative 2020

This backbone would form a reliable basis for transport. The network would in particular connect industrial clusters which can generate and use the hydrogen, as well as offshore wind farms and solar power plants. Read more about the European Hydrogen Backbone initiative. 

Source: forbes.com

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