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In the newsletter of December we will update you on this month’s developments and events of Eco-Runner Team Delft. We inform you about the end of our design phase and explain how we started the production phase. We will look at the progress we have made in the past month, the Eco-Runner Team Delft alumni event we hosted and we will look ahead to what is coming. Also we will proudly present you one of our new partners. Lastly, we will discuss this month’s developments regarding hydrogen in the world of sustainable mobility.


This month all the technical departments worked on the completion of their designs as the design phase was ending. On the 18th of December our design freeze took place, meaning all designs were due and no further adjustments could be made. This applies to the designs of all technical parts of the vehicle including the body, powertrain, mechanical parts and electronics. 

During the evening of the 18th of December, we presented the final design to the Eco-Runner Team Delft alumni. During the event our engineers explained the choices they had made in the last few months, after which the alumni had the opportunity to provide them with feedback. This was done to be certain no details were left out before the start of the production phase. Fortunately, the alumni were impressed by the design and helped the team by giving tips about the production process. To celebrate the end of a busy, yet successful design period, the evening ended with drinks in the D:DREAM Hall.

Apart from finalising the design of the Eco-Runner X, we have also started with the production of the body of the vehicle. Two team members drove to Germany to pick up honeycomb material in order to start the production of the body. The pick up did not go like they thought it would go; the team members had to spend the night in Selters (Germany), since they only were able to receive the honeycomb the next day. In the end it was a fun adventure and the two team members really got to know each other.

In the new year, the rest of the departments will also start on the production of their parts of the Eco-Runner X, as the production phase will now start.

Our body department working on the production of the first parts of the Eco-Runner X


We are very happy to announce our partnership with SHV Energy, our new and unique Diamond Sponsor! SHV Energy is the world’s largest LPG distributor and provides LNG and bioLPG to consumers and companies without access to the grid. These cleaner energy sources help people to switch away from oil and solid fuels, improving their quality of life and the quality of their environment. The company services the needs of over 30 million customers and is committed to working sustainably with communities, stakeholders and policymakers. SHV Energy operates in more than 25 countries on four continents under brands such as Calor Gas, Ipragaz, Liquigas, Primagaz and Supergasbras.

With their help, our team is able to carry out our project and fulfill our vision: “Promoting a sustainable future by building the world’s most efficient hydrogen-powered city car.”


In November  we visited the biggest tech festival of the Netherlands, Bright Day, where the Eco-Runner caught the eye of the Dutch news website They interviewed two of our team members and eventually put together an item on our project. It is the first big press report of Eco-Runner Team Delft in the new academic year. Click here to check this news item.

After working on the design of the Eco-Runner X for months, we look forward to presenting this years’ plans to the rest of the world. Therefore we are happy to announce that we will host our “Design Presentation” on the 20th of February 2020. It will take place in Delft University of Technology Auditorium and all our partners, family and friends of Eco-Runner Team Delft are welcome. During the Design Presentation the team will proudly present the design of the Eco-Runner X. 

After the Christmas break, we will look forward to a year full of challenges and innovation. We are excited about what this year will bring us on our road towards the Shell Eco-marathon in July. Eco-Runner Team Delft wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Hydrogen News

The number of hydrogen fuel stations in Europe will keep growing in 2020. In two years Germany intends to build a total of 130 stations. By the end of 2021 this will be sufficient for the refueling of 60.000 vehicles daily. The Netherlands plans to open 12 hydrogen fuel stations, resulting in a total amount of 20 hydrogen fuel stations by the end of 2020. Two of the stations will already be in use before the summer. They are intended for the refueling of garbage trucks, but private hydrogen vehicles will be able to refuel at the station as well. Currently Germany and the Netherlands are leading countries in the amount of hydrogen fuel stations. However, the United Kingdom and France have plans to increase the amount of hydrogen stations throughout their countries. 

After announcing its new hydrogen fuel station, the city of Amsterdam made a grant of 3 million euros available for the implementation of hydrogen-powered taxi’s, busses and trucks.

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Picture: RTVnoord