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In this newsletter of the month February we will give you a short update on the progressions of last month, on our design presentation and we will announce some of our new or renewed partners This is followed by a brief introduction of the new episode of our podcast series. We conclude with a number of interesting news articles about hydrogen.


The production process is in full swing! The Powertrain department managed to increase the maximum velocity of the car, while the Electronics and Strategy department did their first successful test, driving on smart cruise control! Read more about their progress and that of the Vehicle Dynamics and Body department through the button below!

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In the Operations department last month has been hectic but exciting. In addition to all the hustle surrounding the design presentation, we are also busy recruiting a new team. Moreover, this week we had the deadline for the Communications Award of the Shell Eco-marathon, in which we elaborated on our objectives and communications strategy this year, including an overview and impact analysis of our communications campaign so far.


Last month was one of our biggest events of the year: the Design Presentation. Here we finally got the chance to show you what we’ve been working so hard on in recent months, by unveiling the design of our new hydrogen-powered city car: the Eco-Runner XI. Our Chief Engineer, Reinout, proudly explained what we have been able to improve in one year. The evening was also filled with three other interesting speakers, concluded with a Q&A and quiz. With 300 participants and after all the positive reactions, we can say that it was a great success! Click the button below to watch the full Design Presentation or check out our design reveal video!

Design Presentation Eco-Runner XI


We are glad to announce our new partnership with De Ijsel and GTM. Also we want to thank Pon, TNO and StuD for continuing our great collaboration.


This month in the hydrogen podcast we speak Anna Spaeny, from our partner Air Liquide, about hydrogen on the road. It is a discussion about energy density, tanking speed and sustainability, but also about chickens, eggs and even henns.

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Energy companies call on new cabinet ‘not to miss a hydrogen boat’


Make full use of hydrogen, with an investment of 2.5 billion. 38 energy companies, network operators, environmental organizations and scientists are asking the new cabinet on Thursday. The money is needed for storage and production, and for making the industry cleaner. But hydrogen is also necessary in order not to miss the boat economically, says Professor Ad van Wijk of TU Delft. Source:

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Refuel with hydrogen at home?
Hydrogen for a home tank installation, Twinning Energy and Dalery Group (including Gulf Nederland and Dalhuisen Olie) have entered into a partnership for this. The stake is a (mobile) home tank installation.

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