Dear relations,

In the newsletter of January, we aim to update you on this month’s developments and events of Eco-Runner Team Delft.  
Most importantly we want to invite you to our Design Presentation on 20 February, where we will expose the final design of the Eco-Runner X with which we will participate in the Shell Eco-marathon Urban concept class this summer. Furthermore, we are happy to announce an important new partner. Finally, we will update you on some developments in the hydrogen world.


Last December our design phase came to an end when we presented our ideas to the Eco-Runner Team Delft Alumni. After Christmas, the production phase began and we have been busy working on the production of our first parts. Regarding the body of the Eco-Runner X, the smallest parts have been produced and the mould of the body has arrived. Since this is the first year our team will participate in the Urban concept class of the Shell Eco-marathon, the shape of the vehicle has changed significantly. Therefore we were excited to see the shape of the mould of the Eco-Runner X for the first time. The result amazed us and the team is excited to start building the Eco-Runner X part by part. 

During the production phase, testing is a crucial part of building the vehicle. For example, next month we will test our fuel cell regarding its reaction to several different weather conditions in climate chambers located at a TNO office in Helmond. Furthermore, an analysis is planned to test the safety systems of the vehicle thoroughly. All these kinds of tests are of great importance to the performance of our Eco-Runner X in the competition this summer.

Design Presentation

On February 20 Eco-Runner Team Delft will present the design of the hydrogen-fueled city car. During this presentation, our design will be shown by our Team Manager, Antonios Kouzelis, and our Chief Engineer, Floris Brulleman. Apart from these team members, we have invited two guest speakers: Prof. dr. Ad van Wijk, sustainable energy entrepreneur and professor “Future Energy Systems” at the TU Delft, and Frank Jacobs, a journalist for the Dutch magazine Autoweek and news website You are very welcome to join us on this special evening!

Date: 20 February 2020
Welcome: 19:30
Presentation: 20:00
Location: Auditorium, TU Delft
Address: Mekelweg 5, 2628 CC Delft


We are happy to announce our partnership with Pon, our new Platinum Sponsor! Pon is one of the biggest mobility firms in the Netherlands. Pon shares our goal to achieve sustainable solutions in the mobility sector. They have been carbon neutral in the Netherlands since 2018 and work to launch alternatives to climate-damaging means of transport. Thank you, Pon, for believing in our mission!

Hydrogen News

H2Platform publishes MSc Thesis of TU Delft student Stephanie Lanphen regarding the import of hydrogen in the Netherlands.

Hydrogen has the potential to take a big role in the energy transition. For this reason, its availability is of great importance. Lanphen’s thesis focuses on the hydrogen import terminal, providing insight into the cost of supply chain elements of various hydrogen carriers for the import of hydrogen. Four ways of hydrogen import have been analysed: gaseous hydrogen, liquid hydrogen, stored in ammonia or stored in methylcyclohexane. Read more on the thesis of Stephanie Lanphen. 


Tokyo Olympic flame burns on hydrogen.

The Olympic Games in Tokyo this year are planned to become the most sustainable tournament ever held in the world. For this reason, Japan uses hydrogen for varying purposes, from the transportation of the athletes to the heating of the Olympic village. 

However, the most remarkable is Japan’s plan to let the Olympic flame burn on hydrogen. Read more on the implementation of hydrogen in the Tokyo Olympic Games of 2020.