In this newsletter, we look back at the reveal of our vehicle and we will update you on this month’s progress in the testing phase of the Eco-Runner X. We will give you more information regarding the scheduled competitions of next month and as always we end with some striking news on hydrogen.

Car Reveal

On June 4th, Eco-Runner Team Delft revealed the Eco-Runner X. Our team has successfully realised the transition to the SEM Urban Concept class. After many unprecedented challenges in unforeseen circumstances, we are proud to present to you the world’s most efficient hydrogen-powered city car; the Eco-Runner X. If you have missed the reveal video, watch it by clicking on the link below!

Testing the Eco-Runner X

After successfully completing the production phase of the Eco-Runner X, our next challenge is to verify that the Eco-Runner X performs as expected. We had the opportunity to test the efficiency of our vehicle at Circuit RWV De Spartaan in Rijswijk. After adjusting some settings of the engine and fuel cell, our vehicle now runs as efficiently as we had anticipated.


Next month, two competitions await us. First, on July 2nd and 3rd, we will compete against HAN Hydromotive, the hydrogen endurance racing team of Arnhem. Both Eco-Runner Team Delft and HAN Hydromotive will have the opportunity to show the on-track performance of their vehicles at Circuit De Spartaan. During the competition, we will take the current measures of the Dutch government seriously. There will be a 1.5-meter distance between people. We have taken safety measures to avoid calamities during the race.

The competition will be based on the efficiency of the vehicles. Each vehicle drives 10 laps of 1.45 km at an average speed of 25 km/hr. The vehicles must also come to a full stop every lap to simulate an urban situation. The amount of hydrogen in the tank is measured before and after driving. The vehicle that consumes the least hydrogen wins. 

At the end of next month, a second competition awaits us. In this second competition, we will compete against both HAN Hydromotive and Green Team Twente. The Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre, NLR, has offered us to put the body of our vehicles to the test inside their wind tunnel. The aerodynamically most efficient vehicle will win this second competition. We look forward to finally being able to put our Eco-Runner X to the test and to make our partners proud.

Hydrogen News

“Hydrogen production at sea can save billions of euros.”


TNO has just published a report on the production of hydrogen at sea in collaboration with several other companies, including Shell and Gasunie. The report was presented this afternoon to the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. The enormous wind farms that will be built at sea in the coming decades will regularly produce a surplus of electricity in strong winds. Storing this energy surplus in the form of hydrogen appears to be a promising solution to this problem. Hydrogen gas can be brought ashore via the existing gas pipes.


Photocatalyst successfully splits water into hydrogen and oxygen

Scientists from Japan have successfully split water into hydrogen at maximum quantum efficiency. This means the energy of every absorbed photon of light has successfully been converted into electrical energy. These findings bring new opportunities for the production of hydrogen and eventually for the economically viable use of hydrogen as a fuel. 


The Netherlands places new signs for hydrogen refueling stations along highways

New signs along the Dutch highways will indicate whether hydrogen can be refueled at a petrol station. Germany and Belgium already preceded the Netherlands. Because more and more hydrogen cars are driving around in the Netherlands, Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen of Infrastructure and Water Management thinks it is time to report the availability of hydrogen at petrol stations. There will also be signs indicating whether electric cars have the option to charge at petrol stations.