Another busy but productive month has passed! To give you an insight in what we have achieved, we will elaborate on our technical and non-technical progressions, our team activities and upcoming events. In addition, we will inform you about our partnerships, followed by a brief introduction of the new episode of our podcast series. Finally, we end this newsletter by a selection of some interesting news articles regarding hydrogen.


This month, all the engineers have been working hard towards their final production deadline: this friday the 26th of March! First, the Body department completed the body of the car. Now all the other engineering departments are busy installing their parts inside the car. For example, the windows, hinges and seat have been installed a few days ago. As well as the brake pedal, wheel suspension, steering system and wheel. This led to a big win… Curious? Learn about our achievements or about the progressions in every department, by clicking the button below! 

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In the Operations department, a lot of progress has been made as well. Our graphic designer is busy finalizing the wrap of the car, acquisitions have been busy arranging new partnerships and we are all already working hard towards the Car Reveal. On April 29 at 4.30 PM (GMT), our new hydrogen city car will be unveiled through a spectacular video via YouTube Livestream. Do you already see yourself driving our Eco-Runner XI through your city? Make sure to tune in! The link will be released soon.


Since we are still mostly working from home, we make sure the team spirit is still achieved by organizing various activities, online or remotely in pairs. Every week we have ‘Vrijdagmiddag Borrels’, also known as a fun team activity every Friday. Last month e.g. we did a ‘crazy 88’ and a ‘Who’s most likely to-‘ Kahoot quiz. In addition, we kick off every Monday morning together via Zoom and inform each other of all the progress that has been made the week before. In this way, the enthusiasm remains high and our team bond is getting stronger and stronger!

Coming up…

6/7 April –  Hydrogen course, DOB academy (closed)
During this course will show our car and explain something about hydrogen in mobility.

7 April    –  Hydrogen event, Louwman Museum
All the big companies contributing to a hydrogen transition will present their commitment to hydrogen for the government. Sieb, our scalability manager will give a crashcourse about hydrogen to start off the event and will present the younger generation in a fun discussion.

8 April    –  Innovation expo
Here Dutch innovation is highlighted in a big online event. This year there is a special focus on hydrogen, therefore Sieb will do a dynamic interview with Ad van Wijk, where you will also get the opportunity to ask questions.

29 April  –  Car Reveal, Eco-Runner Team Delft
The unveiling of the Eco-Runner XI, our new hyper-efficient hydrogen powered city car.

Keep a close eye on our socials if you don’t want to miss these events!


We thank Gasunie, Jeveka and Analog Devices for continuing our great collaboration.

In addition, we are glad to announce our new collaboration with Stichting Goeie Grutten. 

At Goeie Grutten we stand for a sustainable, healthy and just society. As a philantrophic organisation we are eager to support projects that make this happen. In this way we attribute to making this world a better place. We do so through our three focus areas: sustainable and healthy food, energy transition 2.0 and democracy, media & privacy. 

With our Energy donations we specifically focus on solutions that go beyond wind and solar energy. We do see the huge potential of hydrogen as one of these solutions and therefore we are happy to support Eco-Runner Team Delft in their mission to introduce the advantages of hydrogen as a green future fuel to a wider public.


In the hydrogen podcast of this month Sieb is joined by Jörg Gigler from TKI Nieuw Gas. They discuss one of the biggest challenges of the energy transition; Energy distribution and storage. With changing our energy system to more unpredictable renewables large scale storage will become more and more important. What are our possibilities for storing energy and what role is there for hydrogen? The sixth episode will be online in the beginning of next week!

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