Dear relations,

In this newsletter, we will update you on this month’s progress on the production of the Eco-Runner X and on our progress with the Shell Off-Track Awards. We announce the reveal of the Eco-Runner X and as every month, we include the latest news on hydrogen.


After finishing the production phase last month, the Eco-Runner X was ready to be wrapped. The design made by our graphic designer Jorijn Holstvoogd has been placed around the vehicle in cooperation with Omnimark, which was the last step in finishing the Eco-Runner X! However, some problems occurred with the fuel cell. Problems which are currently being resolved.  The Eco-Runner X is functioning well on its battery, but we can not wait for the vehicle to run on hydrogen again.


As mentioned before, we are working on alternative ways to compete with other teams now that the competition in London has been cancelled. The Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre, NLR, has offered us to put the body of our vehicle to the test inside their wind tunnel. In the competition we will compare different aspects of our vehicle with those of Green Team Twente and HAN Hydromotive, in order to ultimately crown one of them as the aerodynamically most efficient vehicle. During these uncertain times, with the restrictions imposed upon us by the government and our educational institutions, it proves to be difficult to organise a small-scale competition with the other teams. We will, however, certainly explore the full potential of the Eco-Runner X’s hydrogen efficiency one way or another. We will keep you informed on the developments.

In addition, our team is working hard on the Shell Off-Track Awards. As explained in previous communications, the Off-Track Awards are organised by Shell in order to reward and celebrate the work students have already completed during the course of this year. The Off-Track Awards are given for excellence in communications, technical innovation, design and safety. We are glad to have had the opportunity to participate in the Shell Off-Track Awards and are eager to receive the outcome.

Car Reveal

For the past few weeks our operations team has been working on the car reveal. Next Thursday we will be able to show you the final result of the vehicle that we have worked on so hard for the last year. The car reveal will be in the form of a short film and with informative interviews of different team-members about the Eco X, which you can expect shortly.

Design Presentation

If you are curious about the choices we have made regarding the design of the Eco-Runner X, you can now view the entire design presentation here. The presentation took place last February and contains interesting information on our team and our mission. 

In the presentation, Antonios Kouzelis, our Team Manager, describes all the aspects that make this year’s project interesting and explains the way our team functions as a whole. Next Antonios welcomes dr. Ad van Wijk, Professor Future Energy Systems at the TU Delft, and Frank Jacobs, car journalist and presenter of Autoweek. They explain the importance of hydrogen in the energy transition and in the mobility sector. At the end of the presentation, our Chief Engineer reveals the final design of the Eco-Runner X. On behalf of all our engineers, he explains the choices we have made as a team over the last few months to produce the most efficient hydrogen-powered city car.

Design Presentation Eco-Runner Team Delft

Hydrogen News

Shell plans to build green hydrogen plant in the port of Rotterdam


Shell plans to create a green hydrogen hub in the port of Rotterdam in 2023. The plan consists of a hydrogen factory on the Second Maasvlakte and a wind farm off the coast near Egmond aan Zee. Through the CrossWind joint venture, Shell and Eneco have applied for the construction of the Hollandse Kust wind farm near Egmond aan Zee. The hydrogen plant will have a capacity of around 200 MW and will produce hydrogen by electrolysis. Shell thinks it can save at least 200,000 tons of CO2 per year. The factory must then be able to supply enough green hydrogen to be able to fuel around 2,300 trucks every day.


Hydrogen fuel cell to be deployed in Military Hospital in support of COVID-19


The South-African government has decided to deploy seven hydrogen fuel cells in the Military Hospital in Pretoria. The project is a partnership between the government and the private sector. Hydrogen fuel cells have as an advantage that they can be moved rapidly from one point to another. This gives fuel cells the potential to play a role in disaster management and the generation of energy in remote areas.


New research on the potential of seawater for the production of hydrogen


The electrolysis of water to produce hydrogen gas can be driven by various energy sources. However, for this process very pure water is necessary, which is an increasingly expensive commodity worldwide. Prof. Dr. Peter Strasser, head of the technical chemistry department at the TU Berlin, has now published a new study on the possibilities and technical challenges of electrolysis of saltwater in the journal of Nature Energy.