May was the last month before our final competition… Find out how all our departments have prepared for this, in this month’s newsletter! Here we will elaborate on our technical progressions, our upcoming events and our upcoming competition. In addition, we will inform you about our partnerships, followed by a brief teaser of the upcoming episode of our podcast series. Closing off with an interesting news article on a big achievement regarding hydrogen mobility.


In May, all the engineers made much progress in preparing for the race. The Powertrain department has finalized the settings of all the powertrain components which led to pleasing results. After this, they continued by making spare parts and by helping the Strategy & Electronics department. The Vehicle Dynamics department has been working on the finishing touches of the suspension, steering and braking systems. In addition, they have completed their testing campaign with the final test days. Read more about the Body department and all other preperations for the Hydrogen Efficiency Challenge!

Learn more about our progress!


Last month we have received a couple of visits to our office and workplace from our partners! It was very nice to finally meet each other in person and we were happy to show the Eco-Runner XI. Check out the pictures with Goeie Grutten and mv Aero down below!

June 11 – Hydrogen Efficiency Challenge
Together with two other Dutch hydrogen team, we will compete in our self-organized competition. Follow us on our live blog! Find more information below.

June 21 – Buccaneer Case Day
A case by Eco-Runner teammembers about how we can make Buccaneer more sustainable.

June 24 – Webinar Teesing X Eco-Runner
A webinar about our project and our application of hydrogen, the power stack we use and Teesing’s contribution. Concluded by more information about hydrogen economy in the Netherlands.

June 26 – Family & Friends event
An open-air tour, for the family and friends of our teammembers, at our office at the Buccaneer Delft. Here they will get the opportunity to learn more about the Eco-Runner XI and ofcourse see the hydrogen city car in real life!

June 29 – Online event Conrad X Eco-Runner

The Hydrogen Efficiency Challenge
As in previous years, the team again took part in the shell eco-marathon this year, with the aim of winnen the title of “the world’s most efficient hydrogen-powered city car”. Since this international race was canceled, we decided to join forces with two participating Dutch hydrogen teams and organize a challenge together; the Hydrogen Efficiency Challenge 2021!

At Circuit Berghem on June 11, we will compete against Green Team Twente and HAN Hydromotive to present our newly built hydrogen-powered city car and deliver the most efficient ride possible. Due to a limited number of attendees, we organized a live blog. The live blog will start from 11:30 am. There will be updates on the race, interviews and more information about hydrogen throughout the day. At the end of the day, from 4:15 PM to 5:30 PM, there will be a livestream, concluded by the award ceremony! So stay tuned and keep track of our challenge at:


We thank AEP International for continuing our great collaboration. In addition, we are glad to announce our new partnership with KVE Composites, Kvaser and Nanogate.


Next week the new podcast will go live about our world hydrogen economy. Who will be the big importers and exporters of hydrogen? How long will it take for big quantities of hydrogen to enter Europe through our harbours?

Sieb will talk about this with Randolf Weterings, Program Manager Electrification and Hydrogen for Port of Rotterdam. In addition they will discuss the importance of this import for the biggest harbour of Europe and the industrial cluster around the Port of Rotterdam. As always, the podcast can be found on all listening plastforms!

Check it out on Spotify by clicking the button below!

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Hydrogen News

Toyota Mirai sets distance record

In the context of fun facts: a Toyota Mirai has covered a distance of 1,003 kilometers with one refueling, a new world record for a hydrogen car.

In order to break the record, the four drivers of the Toyota Mirai adhered to all aspects of fuel-efficient driving (The New Driving) as much as possible, such as driving at an even speed as much as possible.