Dear relations,

In the newsletter of the month of October we aim to update you on this month’s developments and events of Eco-Runner Team Delft. 
We will introduce you to the complete Eco-Runner Team, we will look ahead to plans for the month of November and the events we will attend and present our new potential partner. At last we will discuss this month’s developments regarding hydrogen in the world of sustainable mobility.

Meet our team

This month we have completed our team. The entire team now consists of eleven full-time students and thirteen part-time students with whom we will take on this year’s challenge of competing in the Shell Eco-marathon Urban Concept Class competition. 
Our team consists of six technical departments, an operations department and our management department.

The complete Eco-Runner X team
Picture by QuickVision


The aerodynamics department has been working on the design of the top of the Eco-Runner X. Two concepts are left after a numerical analysis was performed to determine the aerodynamic drag of the body. The aerodynamics department is currently working out which design qualifies best for our cause. Updates on the final design will follow soon. 

The lay-out of the chassis of the vehicle has been chosen by our structures department. This year the vehicle includes a towbar, a chair for the driver, windows and doors. All of these elements are implemented to produce an Eco-Runner vehicle that closely resembles an ordinary city car. 10XL, a start-up situated in Dordrecht, will provide us a 3D printed mould for our body using recycled material (ABS CF).

The vehicle dynamics department has continued working, amongst other things, on their preliminary design of the suspension of the vehicle, which will be different in the front and in the back. The wheels of the Eco-Runner X will contain spokes and a carbon edge. The final design for the suspension of the vehicle will be chosen in November.

The strategy department has set-up which will provide us with live data during the Shell Eco-marathon in order to optimize our race tactics. This server will be public so that anyone interested in the race can follow the Eco-Runner X.

For the vehicle electric system of the car (i.e. braking lights, front and rear lights, windscreen wipers) a first set-up is being tested at our own workshop in the Dreamhall.

Finally, our powertrain department has deepened into the different types of fuel cells, in order to decide on which type is  best suited for our city car. The fuel cell has to be as efficient as possible for a certain power output in order to consume the minimal amount of hydrogen. The electrical energy provided by the fuel cell will be used by an in-wheel motor in order to get the vehicle moving. Next month the department is set to make a decision regarding the fuel cell we will use for the Shell Eco-marathon competition.  

Our operations department has visited and connected with a new partner, who will be introduced later in this letter. It has improved the lay-out of our website, which will be updated soon. Furthermore we visited Shell Labs. Shell gave us a tour around their laboratories to demonstrate their ways of development in the fuel and mobility sector. Also, we have visited events of our partners and other interesting organisations. 


Demonstration of the transformation of hydrogen gas to energy at Nemo’s “Weekend van de Wetenschap”

In October we visited some events with the Eco-Runner 9. On the fifth and the sixth of October we were present at NEMO during the “Weekend van de Wetenschap”, an event we attended in order to introduce the youth  to the world of science in an accessible way. We demonstrated the way a fuel cell transforms hydrogen gas to energy and we presented the Eco-Runner 9 vehicle to a large audience.

Eco-Runner 9 at the Generation Discover Festival

We brought our vehicle to the Generation Discover Festival, an event organized by Shell with over 35.000 visitors. The event focused on introducing children aged 8 to 14 years old to technology and science.

We showcased the Eco-Runner 9 at the “Science Day”, organised by the Delft University of Technology, where we found a new potential driver for the Shell Eco-marathon competition (see image below).

Eco-Runner 9 at the TU Delft Science Day

Upcoming month we will be present at Bright Day; a technology festival organised by Fjuze, and we will be present at Powerplein, a convention organised by TLN with the goal to inform members of the logistics sector on future developments regarding mobility.


Last month, Eco-Runner Team Delft started new partnerships with Heineken 0.0 and Mammoet. This month, discussions regarding a potential partnership with SHV Energy are taking place. We appreciate the open attitude of all the companies and organisations that support us in achieving our mission.

Hydrogen News

BMW makes statement by building Hydrogen-fueled X5

The new BMW i Hydrogen Next, BMW’s newest hydrogen-powered car 
Picture by BMW Group

As one of the biggest developers of electric cars, BMW has illustrated a new prototype of a hydrogen driven car on the international car-congres IAA in Frankfurt. BMW has chosen not to design a new car, but implement their hydrogen tanks and fuel cell into one of their existing designs, the BMW X5. The company believes that hydrogen can be an interesting alternative or supplement to the existing battery-electric driven cars. 
BMW Group expects to offer hydrogen driven cars at the earliest in 2025. 

Upcoming Events
Fjuze Bright Day
23 & 24 Nov, Expo Haarlemmermeer
TLN Powerplein
29 Nov, Cuijk