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In this newsletter, we will update you on the progressions made last month and give a short description of our (online) events. Furthermore, our collaboration with new and renewed partners will be announced, followed by the presentation of our new team clothing and a description of our podcast series. Finally, we will provide some interesting news articles regarding hydrogen.


Last month, our working location switched mostly to our homes, on the advice of the Dutch government. Currently, everyone works one day a week at the office and the rest of the days at home. But although this took some getting used to, a lot has been achieved, which has clearly been reflected in our internal progress presentation online. A huge number of improvements have been made regarding the design of the car, in every aspect. The presentation was concluded with the reveal of the new concept of the body; a sleek design with an incredible improvement in aerodynamics. Unfortunately, we can not reveal the improvements made yet, but we will keep you updated! 
In addition, we worked hard on the mini challenges this month which is part of the virtual competition of the Shell Eco-marathon; Pitch the Future. In different groups, the entire team tackled each challenge and came up with creative solutions that help us all to take a step towards a more sustainable future. These have now all been completed and submitted. We are looking forward to hearing the results!

Recording Pitch the Future


Due to the increasing number of corona infections in the Netherlands and the increasingly strict measures, it is a big challenge to organize and attend physical events. However, last month we worked hard on finding online alternatives! Our first online event was our introduction presentation for friends, family and for those interested, which was very successful with a total of 140 attendants! Our next online event will be a ‘Meet our Partners’ event for our close partners and students that will take place on the 9th of December, further details will be announced. Furthermore, on October 12 our first episode of our podcast ‘De Watersofpodcast’ was released, this will be elaborated on later in this newsletter.

Since we now work from home a lot, in order to maintain a good team bond, different team members have come up with creative ideas to still be able to see each other in a safe manner. We have played soccer with the team, did an online pub quiz about the team members and organized a vegetarian / vegan cooking evening in small groups. This was all a lot of fun!

Playing soccer with the team


We are very happy to announce our new partnership with Holland Composites B.V and DOB Academy. Also we thank AE Group, Altium, Vopak and MSC Software for continuing our great collaboration.

Ecological T-shirts for the Whole Team

A new team also means new team clothing! With our sustainable vision, we were of course also looking for ecological clothing that is printed in a sustainable way. In our search for a suitable company for this, we soon came across Superette. Superette is the only textile printing company in the Netherlands to be certified with a quality mark for printing organic cotton, so that it still remains certified after printing. In addition, it gives a beautiful result with a very high wash fastness. The clothing itself is from Stanley / Stella, which is not only GOTS certified, but also affiliated with the Fair Wear Foundation. With both sustainable printing and sustainable clothing, which, of course, fits in well with our project. Therefore we are very happy with this collaboration!


In our new podcast series ‘De waterstofpodcast’, we dive deeper into the topic of hydrogen every episode. This podcast is hosted by Sieb Rodenburg, who will take on the Scalability position this year. With this podcast we want to propagate our mission, which is to make everyone understand the importance of hydrogen and its role in the energy transition.

In the first episode of ‘De Waterstofpodcast’ Sieb speaks with Ad van Wijk, professor of Future Energy Systems at TU Delft, but better known as ‘the hydrogen professor’. They talk about what hydrogen is, what its history is, what we use it for now and how we make it. They also discuss a recent article by Ad van Wijk, widely picked up in Brussels: A 2 x 40 GW initiative.

Listen directly on spotify through this link.

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