Dear relations,

My name is Antonios Kouzelis and I am the new team manager of the Eco-Runner Team Delft. This year, our team will design, build and race with the Eco-Runner X. By creating an efficient, hydrogen-powered city car, we aim to promote a sustainable future. In the past, the Eco-Runner Team Delft has participated in the hydrogen category of the Shell Eco-Marathon Prototype-class. In this class, the vehicle has to travel a given distance using the least amount of fuel.

One Team, One Dream

This year the new Eco-Runner Team Delft, consisting of 18 students of the Delft University of Technology, has decided to take on an ambitious challenge. We are changing the design of our core-product by competing in a new class of the Shell Eco-marathon: the Urban Concept-class. The Urban Concept-class provides the opportunity to design and build a vehicle that closely resembles an ordinary family car; a substantial step towards building a hydrogen driven car that is widely available to the general public.

The new Eco-Runner Team Delft engineers have been working hard on their conceptual designs of the Eco-Runner X. All our team members have inspired motivation as we are looking forward to our journey to the Shell Eco-marathon Urban Concept class competition 2020.

Roadmap Eco-Runner Team Delft 2019-2020


During the first month of the new Eco-Runner Team Delft, our management team has showcased the Eco-Runner 9 at the TU Delft Campus Community event, has participated in discussions with the Deputy Minister of Transportation Canada regarding sustainable mobility at the Smart Mobility Campus and have pitched in front of 20+ executive board members of large companies in the energy, transportation and logistics sectors regarding the Eco-Runner X project and the role of hydrogen in a future with sustainable mobility.

CEO-dinner Smartport

New Partners

We are looking forward to a strong collaboration with our new gold partners Mammoet and Heineken 0.0.

Upcoming Events
Generation Discover Festival
02/10 – 06/10,  Rotterdam Ahoy
05/10 – 06/10, Nemo Amsterdam
World Standards Day
11-10, Fokker Terminal Den Haag