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Operations Manager

As Operations Manager you will be responsible for the non-technical aspect of the project, which consists of six big parts: marketing, sponsoring, events, public relations, design and scalability. All of these aspects are worked out by the Operations Department. 

You will be responsible for making sure enough money is raised to build the vehicle, fulfil promises made with partners and organise presentations to promote the project. You will also oversee the press releases in the case of a big event.

You will play a big role in Eco-Runner publicity and will be responsible for our website and social media content. In addition, recruiting a new succeeding team and bringing the Eco-Runner to the attention of students in Delft in the second semester will be an important task. Your job is successful when everybody across the world knows about the Eco-Runner Team Delft. Are you ready to contribute to Eco-Runner’s growth and success? Apply now!

  • Able to continuously generate your own work 
  • Strong skill in (formal) speaking and writing (English and Dutch) 
  • Empathic 
  • Creative and flexible mindset 
  • Experience in PR and acquisitions (preferred) 
  • Basic knowledge of Photoshop/illustrator/premiere pro (preferred)

Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer, you will design all forms of graphical communication, from merchandise to promotional content such as posters and banners. You will visualize Eco-Runner in the best way possible, catching the eye of our followers. Beside creating promotional content and merchandise (banners, T-shirts etc.), you will be able to elevate the professional appearance of Eco-Runner to the next level, the car wrap! The look of the new car will be designed by you!

You would require knowledge of designing programs such as adobe illustrator, indesign, photoshop and preferably video editing skills with adobe premiere, after effects etc.


  • Creative
  • Cooperative
  • Required knowledge of designing program

UX/UI Designer

As the UX/UI Designer of Eco-Runner Team Delft you create and iterate end-to-end user experiences. You will convert complex technology into an understandable and visualised story. During next year you will translate the project into style guides, video’s, renders, presentations and maintain the website. You will be collaborating directly with the rest of the operations department as well as the management.

Since you are responsible for the way we present our project to the world you will be involved in a lot of different projects. Therefore, you are required to be a team player and have good communications and social skills. You must be able to translate a difficult concept into understandable text and animations.

  • Skilled in the Adobe Creative Suite programs (mainly Illustrator, Photoshop, PremierePro and AfterEffects)
  • Skilled in Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Skilled in WordPress (basic CSS/JavaScript skills are a plus)
  • Experience as a UI/UX Designer (preferred)
  • Experience in rendering programs (eg. Keyshot) (preferred)


Events Manager

As an Events Manager you are responsible to translate the vision and technical project of Eco-Runner Team Delft through events. You will work together with all of the departments to create a complete story about the Eco-Runner. Think about the Design Presentation and Car Reveal, but also smaller internal and external events like congresses, stunts and school workshops. You have the freedom to decide what you think is suitable for great promotion. An Events Manager possesses strong organisational skills, can handle pressure, is communicatively adept, and has a problem-solving mindset.
Next to that you will work together with the whole Operations Department to create a full output of the vision of Eco-Runner.
  • Good in time management
  • Pro- active
  • Creative
  • Good communication skills
  • Flexible


 Scalability Manager

As the Scalability Manager of Eco-Runner Team Delft, your goal is to show the power of sustainable fuels and our project to the world, by educating and promoting a large audience about its possibilities. In short, you represent the team by being the sustainability expert and show society the social relevance of our project. You will attend panel discussions and events, but also make futuristic renders or podcasts (check out De Waterstofpodcast!). The Scalability function is very free; it will be entirely up to you to make the Eco-Runner project more scalable; reach as many people as possible and educate them about hydrogen and our project, while forming a vision of our perfect sustainable future.

Vehicle Dynamics Engineer

As the Vehicle Dynamics engineer of the Eco-Runner Team Delft, you will be working on all the mechanics of the new Eco-Runner! Together with the Chief Vehicle Dynamics, you will be responsible for the front and rear suspension, the braking system, the steering system, braking and the wheels. During the design process, you are free to choose your own path, to make sure you make the most efficient design choices. You will learn how to make efficient design choices, considering the quality, producibility, weight and money. Next to working together with your own department, this function includes a lot of communication with all the other engineering departments.

For example, with the body department, to make sure all your components fit into the body design and together you will optimize the forces that the Vehicle Dynamics transfer to the bodywork. During the production phase you will produce most of your self-made designs yourself using the machines in the D:Dreamhall. This includes machinery like milling, lathing and CNC in which you will follow courses as well.
  • Decent knowledge of Solidworks (or other 3D CAD software)
  • Decent knowledge of mechanics of materials
  • Good practical and production insight

Structures Engineer

As the structures engineers of Eco-Runner Team Delft you will design the body of the next Eco-Runner from a structural point of view. You get to design the structural lay-out of the vehicle as well as the materials to be used. You will find the perfect balance between lowering mass while maintaining strength. This requires knowledge about structures and composites. Determining the lay-up of the to be used composites is one of the biggest tasks to perform. You will do this by creating your own Finite Element Model with state-of-the-art FEM software. During the process you will work closely together with companies in the field and learn from their expertise.  

While designing the structure you will work closely together with all the other engineering departments, as well as with the other body department members. On top of that you will be producing your own structure yourself!

  • Knowledge of structures and composites
  • Basic knowledge of CAD-software (Solidworks/Catia)
  • Basic knowledge of Finite Element Analysis (preferred)
  • Organized and pro-active
  • Good communication skills
  • Good eye for detail

Powertrain Engineer

As Powertrain Engineer you are responsible for designing and testing several components of the car including the generator, battery system and electric motor. You will make sure that these selected components optimally fit each other by conducting multiple tests.

  • Basic knowledge of dynamics
  • Basic knowledge of fuels (and combustion) (preferred)
  • Basic knowledge of thermodynamics (preferred)
  • Problem solver
  • Assertive


Process Engineer

As a Process Engineer, you will design, produce, and test an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) for vehicle energy generation. You’ll lead in experimenting with various measurement setups, fuels, and circular system configurations using fittings and tubes, while ensuring system insulation. The upcoming year entails developing a complete ORC system with your chosen fuel to propel an actual car.

  • Background in thermodynamics
  • Knowledge of fuels (preferred)
  • Hard worker
  • Creative

Chief Electronics

Being the Chief Electronics, you will be active in multiple electronics projects and need to communicate with different departments. You will be responsible for designing and testing low-voltage electronics and managing documentation for active projects. These projects include: the vehicle electric system, the emergency safety system and the sensor electronics as well as the overall wiring scheme within the car.  These systems work with microcontrollers to communicate with the other components of the car. You will participate within these projects in collaboration with the fuel cell and power electronics engineers and assist the strategy engineers with the sensor system. For this you will use design software such as Altium and LTSpice to run simulations and design PCB’s and you will create schematic drawings and produce wiring diagrams.

  • Basic knowledge of circuit analysis & design
  • Basic theoretical knowledge of electronics
  • Basic programming skills
  • Experience with microcontrollers (preferred)
  • Good communication skills

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