Very soon we will reveal our new car to the public, for which we are thrilled! Before we do so, we would like to take a moment to look back at our legacy and take you back to the history of Eco-Runner.Currently we are the world’s most efficient hydrogen powered city car. But we wouldn't be where we are right now without the knowledge and achievements of all the previous teams, their experience has been proven to be of great value.Eco-Runner Team Delft was established 17 years ago in 2005 by building the Eco 1. Back then we participated in the prototype ICE class, and it took the team less than a year to design, build and race the first Eco-Runner car ever. Back then our car looked completely different to the car we build this year, the driver was laying down and we only used three tires! Over the next years the teams built three other vehicles, the Eco H2, Eco 3 and Eco 4, each improving the previous results and the Eco 3 and Eco 4 both got second place at the Shell Eco-marathon!Which car is your favourite? 🤔#ecorunnerteamdelft #ecorunner #hydrogen #efficiency #students #history #timeline #legacy #shellecomarathon #car #mobility #sustainability #alumni #team #reveal #throwback