Waterstofpodcast alert! Listen to a brand new episode of our podcast, it's now online! Already the fourth episode of this season, time flies. This time Isabel en Toine spoke to a real hydrogen expert: Jaco Reijerkerk, Commercial Director of Ekinetix. Speaking to Jaco lead to some valuable insights on the practices of hydrogen and how the value chain for hydrogen is now changing since it is taking on a new role in the energy transition. It was very interesting to learn about different practices from someone who’s been in the hydrogen business for such a long time and hear his thoughts for hydrogen in the future.Interested to learn more about this new life of the hydrogen molecule and hear the full conversation? Check out the full episode on Spotify or Apple Music and share your thoughts, we are curious to know how you feel about the subject!#ecorunner #ecorunnerteamdelft #hydrogen #waterstof #waterstofpodcast #podcast #shell #shellhydrogen

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