We are excited to announce the date and location for the Shell Eco-marathon 2022! We are delighted to be gearing up to return to the physical on-track efficiency race at the Shell Eco-marathon. After two years of not being able to race we will finally participate in the Urban Concept class for the first time. From May 31 until June 3, 2022, teams from all over Europe and Africa will come to the TT Circuit in Assen, famous for the MotoGP every year. We can't wait to welcome everyone to our home country and battle for the title of most energy efficient hydrogen powered Urban Concept car!#Ecorunner #Ecorunnerteamdelft #facethefuture #Shellecomarathon #SEM #SEM2022 #roadtosem2022 #Assen #motogp #ttcircuitassen #enduranceracing