We cannot wait! In 10 days we will reveal our new car. Before we do so, we would like to take a moment to look back at our legacy and take you back to the history of Eco-Runner.This third and last throwback looks back at the years 2019 till now. The Eco 9 was the last Eco-Runner to participate in the prototype class. With a third place in the Shell Eco-marathon and winning the Vehicle Design Award it was a good way to end this era. With the Eco X we entered a new class: the Urban Concept class. Unfortunately, COVID struck at the same time. Although the Eco X still won the Vehicle Design Award, we have not been able to participate in the on-track awards of the Shell Eco-marathon since we joined the Urban Concept class. We did however organise our own competitions with teams from the Netherlands and won both! The Eco-Runner XI even set a world record by driving 1195.74 kilometres on just 350 grams of hydrogen!The Eco-Runner XII will be its successor and looks amazing! What is your guess? 🤩#ecorunnerteamdelft #ecorunner #hydrogen #efficiency #students #history #timeline #legacy #shellecomarathon #prototype #car #mobility #sustainability #alumni #team #reveal #throwback