the greatest distance driven on full tanks of HYDROGEN fuel



2488.5 KM

Day 5

the last day

Sunday 25 june

After the big switch and a tire change, everything was set to drive again. We estimated the time for our possible record around 9 o’clock. Everybody was excited and positive for the upcoming day! Around mid-day we noticed that we were going way faster then we thought 

Day 5

will we reach the 2056 km?

sunday 25 june

We were getting closer and closer to reaching our goal. The estimated time that we calculated to reach the 2056 km, was going to be approximately at 9 PM. We decided to drive with less drivers than originally planned. These six teammates drove more efficiently and were used to the track. This resulted in a faster lap time, while still maintaining the efficiency we strived for. After the shift change everybody stayed at the track and we nervously watched every lap. While we were counting down. the car needed to stop in the last lap. The pressure regulator had some difficulties, and it took some time to fix this. You can imagine how nervous we were… At 9 PM, the time arrived, the ECO XIII passed the 2056 KM!! The car went off the track for a quick celebration. But this was not the end, and after a lot of tears and happiness it was time to continue with the record attempt. The car still had hydrogen left in the tanks, so we were not going to stop, and were going to push the boundaries as far as possible.  

Day 4

the second day of the attempt

saturday 24 june

Around 4:30, the team members from the morning shift arrived. After an extensive stand up, the midnight shift went home to get some sleep. During the night, there were a lot of stones on the track, so there was a big sweep during the shift change. Along with the beautiful sunrise, there was a lot of new energy and positivity to be as efficient as possible. We drove more than 1025 km, meaning we passed half of the record. 2056 here we come! The day went well and the ECO XIII had a really high efficiency. As we got closer and closer. everybody was hopeful and positive about what we could achieve. When the sun was about to set, a third car got on the track that drove in front and behind the ECO XIII, to get some amazing camera shots of the car. Around 04:00 we did a tire change. This took a little time, as we expected, but the team remained focused and performed really well. After that the next shift took over, and we only had around 600 KM left. Check out the vlog to see how everything went!

Friday 23 june - THE AFTERnoon

During the midnight shift the pressure regulator had some difficulties. We fixed it on the track and were able to drive further in no time. The night went smoothly and we did a big tire change at 4 with the new shift.

Day 3

the start of our world record attempt

Friday 23 june

This morning we started our World Record Attempt. We started the day at 4 am with the whole team! The last changes were made, and the hydrogen tanks were sealed. At around 9 AM, the ECO XIII drove off for its first official lap. The whole morning crew was up and running.

Friday 23 june - THE AFTERnoon

At 4 PM the midnight shift took over. We held a stand-up and stand-down meeting to let the last shift give the next shift some ‘tips and tops’. Information found by the morning shift was exchanged about the driving, witness changes and driver changes. The midnight shift was now ready to go and drove even more efficient! During the midnight shift, we drove with two cars behind the ECO XIII so the driver could see everything on the track even when it was dark.

Day 2

Testing day

thursday 22 june

Today we started unpacking everything and set up our workstation for the upcoming days. It was a tough day as some things didn’t go as planned. But finally, we were able to start our first testing round. Also, we will be making a podcast, All About Hydrogen, where you can send in your question! So go to our Instagram (@ecorunnerdelft) and send in your burning question. 

Day 1

Driving to immendingen

WEdnesday 21 june

Day 1! We drove off to the Immendingen track in Germany with the cars that Toyota lent us. We got to experience tanking with hydrogen at two refueling stations and arrived around seven in a city near Immendingen. Tomorrow we will go to the track and set everything up to start our World Record Attempt on Friday. We will spend the upcoming four days on this track, day and night, so stay tuned for tomorrow’s testing day!

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