World Record Attempt 2024

JUNE 17-20



Eco-Runner XIV will set a world record by driving 2056 km with a self-designed, street-legal hydrogen-powered car covering the route of the Elfstedentocht on 1.45 kilograms of hydrogen without refuelling by the end of June 2024.

What is the elfstedentocht?

the elfstedentocht is a legendary dutch ice skating marathon of almost 200 kilometres, which traverses through 11 cities in the province of friesland. the route begins and ends in leeuwarden and goes through sneek, ijlst, sloten, stavoren, hindeloopen, workum, bolsward, harlingen, franeker and dokkum .

WHY the elfstedentocht?

the elfstedentocht has not taken place since 1997, due to global warming. By driving the route of the elfstedentocht multiple times with our sustainable vehicle, we aim to raise awareness for climate change while testing the limits of our hydrogen-powered car. To learn more about hydrogen, visit our education tab!

How will we drive the elfstedentocht?

For the first time, our world record attempt will take place on the public road. with this come many challenges which will affect the efficiency of our car such as traffic and stop lights. the goal is to drive 2056 km on the route of the elfstedentocht ON, which means we will drive it about 10 times. We will be implementing driver changes to keep the car running constantly. each driver will complete half a lap of the elfstedentocht, whereafter they will shift teams. We will also be driving throughout the nights.

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