We are now at the second driver switch location where Crew 2 will be taking over for the second half of the lap! On to Stavoren!


Nadine van Rossum

ECO XIV Driver
Van Back-up
Age: 20

Study: Applied mathematics

"Live, love, lathe"

Thijs van der linden

ECO XIV Driver
Mirai Back-up
Age: 24

Study: Civil engineering

"Everybody has a podcast nowadays"

Sten de Roon

ECO XIV Driver
Mirai Driver
Mirai back-ip
Age: 24

Study: chemistry

"I wanted to make a chemistry joke, but the best ones Argon"

Tim Deutman

Media person
Age: 23

Study: Mechanical engineering

"To finish first, you must first finish"

Sam Broos

Van Driver
Media person
Age: 22

Study: Aerospace Engineering

"When in doubt, look intelligent"

Adriaan Ledeboer

Van Communicator
Age: 22

Study: Applied physics

"It is not lazy, it is called efficiency"

Gido Baggerman

Mirai Driver
Mirai Back-up
Age: 23

Study: Applied physics

"Life's a Highway"

Victoria Rodermond

Media person
Age: 21

Study: Architecture

"You miss 100% of the naps you don’t take"

We have DRIVEN

0 KM

In this section we will give more in depth updates about the progress of our World Record Attempt. With our blog and vlogs we want to show what our adventure looks like!


Before we dive deeper into all the ins and outs of day 2, let’s first take a quick look back at our start event in Leeuwarden. During the presentations Erwin Jongh had an amazing surprise for us, one of the few gold hydrogen medals from Missie H2! In recognition of all of the hard work and significant achievements we have done since the start of the Eco-Runner team in 2005 to show the potential of hydrogen in a sustainable solution. This is something we as a team and all the teams before us are very proud of!

Once we arrived at our base camp in Holwerd, we installed ourselves in our rooms, had a nice dinner together and had a team briefing to reflect on the day and walk through the planning of the next day. After this, our engineers worked hard on finding a solution to the problem with our fuel cell, and after some time we were able to solve it!

This meant we could wake-up at 6am to let Crew 2 continue with our World Record Attempt. After some delays caused by some complications with the start-up of the battery, we were finally ready to set-off and drive to the first town on the Elfstedentocht: Dokkum. We started driving on the battery again, continuing to follow our initial strategy. The first kilometres went very smoothly, but then we reached a slight bump in the road. Due to an unexpected roadblock, we had to quickly find an alternative route to drive to Dokkum. Luckily, the alternative we found was a very scenic route straight through the Frisian countryside. Through Dokkum we drove over the Eebrug, the first bridge the ECO XIV has ever crossed! 

Along the way, we were met by many people who recognised us and knew we were busy with our World Record Attempt. At one of our stops someone even gave us a newspaper with an article about us to read! After 25 km of some excellent driving by Thijs, it was time to turn on the fuel cell and continue to drive on hydrogen. This prompted a few technical issues that we first tried to resolve on location. However, after a while, we decided it would be best to bring the ECO XIV back to the base camp with all the tools on site. So we drove back a couple of kilometres where we were then met by the trailer to pick us up. Now we are back at base camp working hard on the repairs, until we can continue driving in the morning!


Today, our day began at 7:00 AM at the Dream Hall so we could all travel to Friesland together. Once we arrived at the Oldehoofsterkerkhof in Leeuwarden, we were able to set everything up for the start event. A typical Dutch breeze made this more challenging than expected, but after some minor adjustments, the start event could finally begin.

On the square, we had our exhibition set up along with a refreshments stand filled with delicious Frisian orange cookies and “kwast.” The exhibition was once again a success, attracting attention from partners, family, friends, and locals from Leeuwarden. After enjoying the sunshine for a while, the start drew closer.

Before we could kick off, Provincial Executive De Vries from the province of Friesland sealed the hydrogen system with a sticker, making it officially impossible to add any extra hydrogen to our tank.

To mark the start beautifully, our Team Manager Xiao, Provincial Executive De Vries, and Erwin Jongh from Toyota addressed the audience to wish us a good start for this immense challenge.

Before the promising start, our team engineers worked hard to get the car running. Once successful, Max initiated the countdown, and the starting signal was given!

After that, the first metres of the street-legal Eco-Runner were driven! These were immediately very challenging metres, with many cycling children, cars, and roundabouts. But we left the Oldehoofsterkerkhof to great applause.

To utilise all the available energy in the car, our strategy was to start using only our battery. We planned to switch on the fuel cell to run on hydrogen after a few kilometres. Due to last-minute technical difficulties with our fuel cell during testing this weekend, we decided yesterday to start using only our battery. After driving a few kilometres, we picked up the Eco-Runner with the trailer and brought it to the base camp. At this moment, we are working on a solution to continue our World Record Attempt tomorrow morning!

Vlog 1: on our way!

The first vlog has arrived! In this vlog we show our journey from the Dream Hall to our basecamp. ……………………………………..

Vlog 2: Basecamp!

In the second vlog ……

Vlog 3: Driver switch!

Te reassure our safety we have multiple ECO XIV drivers. But what does a driver switch look like?

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